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Monday, March 18, 2013

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SF Giants: Why This Giants' Team Is Better Than the 2010 Team

In 2010, a team with Aubrey Huff and Pat Burrell in the middle of the order won the World Series.
Now, in 2012, that same team has Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval and Hunter Pence in the middle of the order. Oh, and they've got some pretty good pitching too.
San Francisco managed to win the World Series in 2010 despite a lack of offense and experience. Edgar Renteria hit a three-run home run in Game 5 of the World Series to power the Giants to their first championship since moving to San Francisco.
And now, that same team is trying to do it again.
During the first half of the season, the Giants had lots of trouble on offense and bringing in runners in scoring position. However, after the All-Star break, San Francisco leads the league in batting average with runners in scoring position.
And, thanks to Buster Posey, Hunter Pence, Pablo Sandoval, Marco Scutaro, Angel Pagan and others, the Giants are in the top half of the league in runs scored.
Ryan Vogelsong has been struggling, as his ERA has shot up by more than a run in just five starts (from 2.27 to 3.29). Madison Bumgarner's last two starts have been poor, and Tim Lincecum has a 5.21 ERA. Oh, and Barry Zito hasn't been too sharp lately.
Vogelsong got a good amount of luck early in the year, as he had great stats despite his inability to miss bats. However, he is in a funk now, and he's allowing a lot of home runs. Vogelsong has thrown a lot of pitches, and he hasn't been able to slam the door with runners on base.

Zito may not be earning a 126-million dollar contract, but he's been pitching well. Zito has a 10-8 record and a 4.51 ERA, and San Francisco is 16-11 when he pitches (although Zito has benefitted from some run support).However, the Giants still have a great pitching staff.

Madison Bumgarner has kept his ERA around 3.00 for the whole season, and Matt Cain has a sub-3.00 ERA and a perfect game. Lincecum has an ERA around 3.00 and a winning record since the All-Star break, and Barry Zito has great stats for a No. 5 pitcher.

Zito may not be earning a 126-million dollar contract, but he's been pitching well. Zito has a 10-8 record and a 4.51 ERA, and San Francisco is 16-11 when he pitches (although Zito has benefitted from some run support).
Even though the Giants have received some poor outings from starters, they've still won 11 of their last 14 games. Clutch and timely hitting, unexpected contributions and good management has aided the Giants, who lead the Dodgers by 4.5 games for first place in the NL West.
Marco Scutaro, who was acquired in a midseason trade with the Rockies, is hitting .288 and has been a great on-base guy and run-scorer. He had a walk-off hit Monday against the D-Backs, and Scutaro has 24 RBI since joining the Giants.
Angel Pagan has also been great in the top of the order, and he and Scutaro have formed a formidable 1-2 punch. Pagan's batting average climbed above .290, and while it is back under .290 now, he's still been hitting very well.
Posey has hit about .400 since the All-Star break, driving in key runs left and right. He has been key to San Francisco's success, as his WAR (wins above replacement) is higher than 5. Posey has knocked in a lot of runs and made some nice plays on defense as well.
Overall, the Giants have a great team. Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, Pablo Sandoval, Matt Cain and others are better than they were in 2010. Angel Pagan, Hunter Pence and Marco Scutaro were great pickups, and Brandon Belt and Joaquin Arias have been great too. San Francisco has lots of offensive and pitching talent, and they've been using that to their advantage.
And, while the road to a championship will be harder than it was in 2010, this Giants team is better than the 2010 team. What does that mean?
The Giants can most definitely win the World Series this year.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dodgers Complete Huge Trade: Why Giants Fans Shouldn't Be Concerned

In 2010, a team with Aubrey Huff hitting third, Pat Burrell hitting fifth and Andres Torres leading off won the World Series. And that team just happened to be the San Francisco Giants.

Now, in 2012, the Giants have Angel Pagan leading off, Pablo Sandoval hitting third and Hunter Pence hitting fifth. Oh, and they've got some pretty good pitching too. Normally, with all of that, you'd have a surefire World Series contender.
But, thanks to one huge trade, lots of people don't see the Giants as a World Series contender anymore. 
San Francisco's biggest rival, the L.A. Dodgerstraded for stars Adrian Gonzalez,Josh Beckett, and Carl Crawford. Crawford isn't going to play until next year (because of an elbow injury), and Beckett is among the worst in the league with a 5.23 ERA. However, Gonzalez is an amazing first baseman and a definite upgrade over James Loney.
Now, the Dodgers have Matt Kemp, Shane Victorino, Andre Ethier, Hanley Ramirez and Adrian Gonzalez in their lineup, and that scares a lot of Giants fans. In April, May and June, the Dodgers were known as a surprising team who couldn't hit but could certainly pitch.
Unfortunately, the MLB's newest rich team has, well, struck it rich. And other teams are going to pay for that—but the Giants won't.
San Francisco is two games ahead of the Dodgers, and they have experience in this situation. Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, Madison Bumgarner, Ryan Vogelsong and Barry Zito make up arguably the best pitching staff in baseball. And, Sergio Romo, Javier Lopez and Jeremy Affeldt are pretty good relievers.
Even with Gonzalez, the Dodgers are beatable. They've got Clayton Kershaw, who owns a 2.84 ERA in 2012 and won the Cy Young award in 2011. They have Chris Capuano and Aaron Harang, who have done well for the Dodgers. However, there are some concerning areas in L.A.'s pitching staff.

The Giants had a five-game winning streak until they were defeated by the Braves Saturday afternoon. They swept the Dodgers and teed off on Joe Blanton and Chris Capuano earlier in the week. Cain, Lincecum and Bumgarner shut down the Dodgers' offense, although Gonzalez didn't play.
Joe Blanton and Josh Beckett have struggled. Lincecum has struggled for the Giants, but he's shown signs of improvement, unlike Beckett. San Francisco has no holes in its pitching staff; the Giants' worst pitcher won the Cy Young and is 10-8 with a 4.31 ERA.
Both teams have a solid bullpen, and while guys like Jeremy Affeldt, Eric Hacker and Clay Hensley have struggled out of the 'pen for San Francisco, they should have a solid bullpen come playoff time.  
Because of the free-spending Dodgers, most people are predicting the Giants to fail to win the NL West. Not many people think the Giants have enough talent. However, even without Melky Cabrera, the Giants are a good team. Buster Posey and Angel Pagan have been on fire, and Pablo Sandoval and Marco Scutaro have been very reliable.
Just like in 2010, the Giants are using a mediocre offense and great pitching to power themselves to wins. Some guys have been up and down this year, and other guys like Hunter Pence are bound to get hot. The Giants have a ton of talent, and they lead the Dodgers by two games.
Both teams play a lot of divisional games, and both teams have two series left (after the Giants-Braves series ends) against non-NL West opponents. The Dodgers play the Nationals and Cardinals, who own a combined .579 winning percentage. The Giants play the Astros and Cubs, owners of a combined .349 winning percentage.
Los Angeles may look better on paper, but the Giants still have a slight edge. San Francisco is 7-5 against the Dodgers this year, and they have an easier schedule and better pitchers. It will be a tight, stressful race, but Giants fans must have confidence.
Because by the time October rolls around, it's all going to be alright.
This article was originally published on Bleacher Report

Sunday, August 19, 2012

San Francisco Giants: Why They Won't Miss Melky Cabrera

Ever since the Giants won the 2010 World Series, being a Giants fan has been pretty fun.
Fans got to celebrate a World Series title they craved so much. A band of misfits celebrated something they couldn't have imagined in their wildest dreams. A whole city was brought together, thanks to 25 guys hitting and throwing baseballs.
Then, after a somewhat disappointing season in 2011, the city was brought back together in 2012. A savior by the name of Melky Cabrera appeared out of nowhere, hitting .346 and smacking 11 homers for a team in desperate need of offense.
Giants fans loved Cabrera from the start, and they started calling him the "Melk Man." He stayed hot for the first four months of the season, and a group of lifelong Giants fans showed up at every home game dressed as Melk Men.
However, things have gone downhill. Cabrera was suspended 50 games for using performance-enhanding drugs. Then, according to, he was accused of creating a fake website to avoid a suspension. Now, a lot of Giants fans are mad at him for letting the team down.
His contract expires this year, and his chances of staying with the Giants have dramatically decreased. Teams will take a chance on him and see if Cabrera can still perform well without the influence of drugs, but I doubt the Giants will be one of those teams.
San Francisco has Hunter Pence, Angel Pagan and Gregor Blanco in its outfield right now. Top prospect Gary Brown played left field for the first time in his career Saturday, which could be a sign that Cabrera's days as a Giant are numbered. Right now, Justin Christian is the only reserve outfielder for San Francisco.
In 21 games with the Giants, Scutaro has two homers and 18 RBI. Pence struggled when he first arrived in a trade, but he's been hitting well in San Diego. Posey raised his batting average from .289 at the All-Star break to .333, and he now has 19 homers and 77 RBI. Sandoval's batting average has been hovering around .300 for the duration of the year.
Even though Cabrera's offense and outfield play will be missed, the Giants' offense will be fine. In the three games since his suspension, San Francisco has averaged more than seven runs per game. Marco Scutaro, Pence, Pagan, Buster Posey, Joaquin Arias and Pablo Sandoval have picked up the slack in Cabrera's absence.
San Francisco's offense has been on fire lately.. San Francisco is 2-1 without Cabrera, and even though that's a very small sample size, the Giants don't seem to miss him.
They have Posey, who's a sure MVP candidate. They have Pence and Sandoval, power hitters who play good defense. They have Pagan and Scutaro, who are good defensively and know how to get on base.
Add that to a superb pitching staff and a good bullpen, and you have a great baseball team.
Sure, they could've been a little better with Cabrera. However, the Giants will get him back if they go deep in the playoffs, and they're already a great team.
So, as long as every Giant continues to play like they're playing, the Giants will be fine without Cabrera. 
This article was originally published on Bleacher Report.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fantasy Football 2012: 5 Underrated Rookies Poised for Great Fantasy Seasons

Rookies always break out and have great fantasy seasons, but it's hard to predict which ones will have those seasons.

I don't know how everyone will perform, but I'm pretty sure that these guys will put up good fantasy numbers. Which guys are they, though? Find out by clicking on the link below.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cal Bears Football: 4 Bold Predictions for the Golden Bears in 2012

The Cal Bears have always been a good team. However, they haven’t been a great team in a long time.
Under coach Jeff Tedford, Cal has reached and won numerous bowl games. They even claimed a share of the Pac-10 title in 2006. However, they’ve never played in a BCS game and they haven’t played in the Rose Bowl since 1958.
No one is expecting Cal to reach a BCS bowl. Most people think the Bears will be good, but not great (again). Tedford and the Bears aren’t okay with that, but they’ll have to do a lot (add other Cal article link here) to get to a BCS bowl. That probably won’t happen, but success definitely can happen.
Here are four bold predictions for the Golden Bears in 2012.
Keenan Allen Will Be Invited to the Heisman Trophy Ceremony

Keenan Allen was one of the only bright spots in 2011 for the Bears.

Cal finished 7-6 and reached the Holiday Bowl, but they didn’t get much (if any) national media attention during the regular season, and they didn’t beat any great teams. Allen played very well and displayed his pass-catching and athletic talents, but not many people were watching.
This year, more people will be watching.
Allen caught 89 passes for 1,261 yards and six touchdowns in 2011. His numbers were great, but not Heisman-worthy. However, he will have an improved quarterback and will be targeted more. As long as Allen gets open, he will get a lot of receptions.
And it’s not only his hands that make him so good. Allen is very athletic and can run for a ton of yards after the catch. He can lay out for a ball, catch passes in the run, make adjustments to bad throws, break tackles and provide the big-play threat Cal needs.
The Golden Bears will play Ohio State on September 15, and the game will be televised. Then, on September 22, Cal plays USC. Lots of people will be watching both games, and if Allen shows the world what he can do, a lot of attention will be directed towards him and the Bears.
People would notice Allen’s spectacular performance. If he plays like he did last year and more people play attention, expect him to be in New York as a finalist for the Heisman Trophy award.
Zach Maynard Will Be a Much Better Quarterback

Zach Maynard wasn’t terrible in 2011, but he definitely wasn’t consistent.
Maynard threw 12 interceptions and failed to throw for 3,000 yards in 2011, while completing just 57 percent of his passes. His footwork had flaws and his accuracy wasn’t good, which caused a lot of the picks. If he didn’t have Allen in the receiving corps, Maynard’s stats would’ve been even worse.
However, his problems are fixable. Allen is a great receiver, and Maynard will target him often. As long as Allen gets open, Maynard will throw the ball to him. He isn’t consistent, but he has the potential to make a great throw.
An offseason of work should help improve Maynard’s consistency, accuracy and decision-making. He has a year of experience under his belt, so expect “rookie mistakes” to be eliminated. Maynard will make better reads in 2012, so as long as he’s accurate, his stats will improve and Cal’s record will too.
Cal Will Have a Great Defense

Cal lost Trevor Guyton and Mychal Kendricks to the NFL, but they still have a good defense.
Marc Anthony and Josh Hill headline a Cal defense that is inexperienced but has lots of talent. Anthony and Hill are both great corners, and both can cover top receivers, knock down and intercept passes, and stop the run.
The Golden Bears also brought in some promising recruits. Raymond Ford and Damariay Drew will add more speed and run-stopping ability to Cal's secondary, and they could make a big impact towards the end of the season when Cal takes on high-scoring teams like Washington and Oregon.
There are some great offensive players in the Pac-12, especially at the wide receiver position. Markus Wheaton of Oregon State, Robert Woods and Marquise Lee of USC, Marquess Wheaton of Washington State and DeAnthony Thomas of Oregon. However, Cal has enough talent to shut down these stars.
And, if their young players can make immediate impacts, the Golden Bears will have a great defense once again.
The Bears Will Win at Least Eight Games
Cal had a winning record in 2011, but that was still a disappointment.
The Golden Bears were very inconsistent and played horribly at times. They dominated Utah and nearly beat Stanford, but they also struggled to beat Colorado and got blown out by UCLA. You never knew what to expect from the Bears.
Part of that was due to Maynard. The quarterback was very inconsistent, but luckily, he will be better this year. Hill and Anthony headline a good secondary, and the Golden Bears have lots of talent on defense.
Cal has some tough games on their schedule. They have to play USC, Oregon, Ohio State, Washington, Stanford and other tough teams. However, Cal is a well-rounded and underrated team that could be taken lightly by stronger opponents. If the Golden Bears show up and play well consistently, they will win a lot of games and pull off some upsets.
Which is exactly what they'll do when the season starts.
This article was originally published on Bleacher Report.

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